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Music title: Rainy downtown
Composer: Katstuki Uehara

Music title: Night Darkness Curtain
Composer: Katstuki Uehara

Please hear my composing, and arranged in Ukraine, beautiful and tender love music.

Music title: BLack Sea Love you.
Composer: Katstuki Uehara(Japanese)
Arranger: Stas Nagaev(Ukrainian)

Music title: Love Fire
Composer: Katstuki Uehara

Music title:Moonlight Dance
Composer: Katstuki Uehara

Music title:Chase
Composer: Katstuki Uehara

Music title:Love
Composer: Katstuki Uehara

Music title:Dance with you
Composer: Katstuki Uehara

I love you with my whole heart,
It truly hurt's a lot when were apart,
You are precious to me like the sun,
Having you in my life I know that I have finally won,

I love you with my whole heart,
You are truly so very smart,
>From the beginning you were there for me, I will try to give you the sky and
the sea,

I love you with my whole heart,
My love for you is off the charts,
With your beautiful smile of yours,
My happiness always soars !!!

You are my sweetheart I
Could tell from the start
You made me realize
We should never be apart

The things you do
Always makes me smile
I love being with you
You make my life feel complete
and so worthwhile

My sweetheart you are
My sweetheart please stay with me
For the rest of my life
I'm glad were together
And not only as special friends
But you are my sweetheart
>From the beginning to the end
And I love you my dear!

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